Offering My Gifts & Affirming the Gifts of Others for 2018

Published September 6, 2017 by Mennonite Church of Normal in Uncategorized

Filling out these forms is a way of offering our time, gifts, interests, and talents to God and the congregation. Please return completed forms to the church office by Sunday, September 24th.

Offering My Gifts for 2018 

This form is one of the ways we offer ourselves to God and our congregation for the coming year. Please check ways in which you are willing to serve. Please note that not everyone that marks something gets asked each year which does not mean your help is not wanted, there sometimes isn’t that kind of need. Unless indicated by a *, marking something does not sign you up, you will later be asked at the time of need, and are completely free to say yes or no.

Affirming the Gifts of Others for 2018

This form gives an opportunity to affirm and recognize the gifts that you see in someone else. The openings for the coming year are in the lighter boxes on the right. The Leadership Selection Committee values the recommendations that come to our committee on these forms. Writing someone’s name does not obligate them in any way, and at the very least will give them an affirmation and maybe even help them recognize a gift in themselves.

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