Sunday Morning Adult & Child Learning

The experience of God through the Holy Spirit, prayer, Scripture, and the church empowers us and teaches us how to follow Christ. Likewise, as we follow Christ in our lives, we are brought into closer relationship with God, and Christ dwells in us.

Adult Christian Education Course Descriptions

Uniform Series Bible Study

Click for picture of Adult Bible Study textbook.

Adult Bible Study Student Textbook

Adult Bible Study provides a quarterly study of the Bible from an Anabaptist perspective. Lessons are based on the International Bible Lessons for Christian Teaching by the Committee on the Uniform Series. Scripture texts are from the Holy Bible: Today’s New International Version. In addition to weekly lessons, Adult Bible Study offers daily Bible readings, a weekly online essay, and suggested resources for additional study.

Adult Topical Studies

Periodic topical studies are offered regarding wellness, church history, theology, stewardship and more!


Children’s Christian Education Curriculum (Grades 5 and younger)

picture of Shine materials

Theme of Children’s Christian Education Materials

Engaging stories and activities will help children find meaning in the biblical stories, understand that they are known and loved by God, and learn what it means to follow Jesus. The Bible-based materials invite everyone to shine God’s light in the world!

For information on the Junior and Senior High Youth Groups please visit the Youth Program page of our website.