True Story of the Whole Word Lesson 1: God Establishes the Kingdom

Published January 18, 2016 by Mennonite Church of Normal in True Story of the Whole World

true story of the whole worldGod Establishes the Kingdom  “Genesis offers an unforgettable snapshot of what a “normal” world looks like. Though you and I have
never seen it just like this, we somehow know that this is the way our world was meant to be. The biblical story describes this world as a marvelous home prepared for humankind, a place in which men and women and children may live and thrive and enjoy the intimate presence and companionship of the Creator himself.

Click here for the Study Guide to Lesson 1:  God Establishes the Kingdom

Click here to listen to the Almighty God, Immanuel sermon on the Rebellion in the Kingdom topic by Pastor Tim Schrag.

These audio recordings and Study Guide are part of the series True Story of the Whole World.  Mennonite Church of Normal is engaged in an exciting and ambitious undertaking, from January –May. We are surveying the entire Biblical narrative from Genesis – Revelation! Each Sunday all of our youth and adult Sunday School classes, plus the sermon, focus on a section of the unfolding biblical drama. Various classes are using lecture, discussion, and the arts to accommodate our different learning styles. Truly there is something there for everyone.  Click here for all the drama revealed so far–the True Story of the Whole World page.

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