Choked by Static

November 8, 2015
Jesus lists three things that can choke out being attuned to God. They are worries, riches, pleasures. What, in addition to these, are on your list?

Knowing Our Story

November 1, 2015
We live in a society that values diversity. Within this context, I find myself attracted to persons who are clear and enthused about their point of view, yet respectful and…

Grace and Growth

October 11, 2015
Mistakes in our past, and current inadequacies, can lead a person to experience shame and self-condemnation. Yet the Biblical texts for the week are about growth. Growth implies an expectation…

“Dear Church…”

October 4, 2015
This sermon offers some personal reflections on the “principalities and powers” of racism, and the biblical call to ‘stand against’ such wicked forces, so that we act to undo them