Our Sermons

Filled with Joy

June 28, 2015
We will consider how we can get joy, what give us joy and how we can keep joy. Come and expect to be filled with joy!
Is the Bible a static book? Are all its verses set in stone? Or are the Scriptures dynamic, even sometimes revisiting and reconsidering earlier texts? And how can we read…
If Christian community is good for the soul, we live in times in which it’s easy to avoid what is good for us.
What attitudes and behaviors help produce the ‘fruit’ of patience in you? Any clues in the morning text?
Do you ever find yourself longing for “the good old days?” The message will track the twists and turns of the early church of Acts, and draw a comparison to…

Moving on in Grace

May 17, 2015
What basis did Jesus have for trusting Peter?  What basis did Peter have for being 'hurt'?