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Luke takes pains to include Jesus "ascension" into heaven, yet also takes pains to record the constraints against over-focus on the "hereafter."  Read the text carefully to take note of…
As you read the text, what word would you have inserted between ‘baptized’ and ‘obedience’ in the sermon title? Play around with possibilities and see how the meaning might shift?…

The Full Picture

April 19, 2015
Had the disciples been able to "see" immediately, much would have been left out. How might this have affected the Gospel?
Pastor Tim Schrag asks us to consider the "stuckness" of the chief priests and elders,with curiosity about how we respond to reports of God's dramatic involvement in the systems we…

Daring to Hope

April 5, 2015
To live in hope does not mean one sees clearly the way ahead.  But in hope, we consider that the 'world' in which we live is not the old reality…

Springtime is Seedtime

March 22, 2015

Something Cosmic!

March 15, 2015
Pastor Tim Schrag says, " I'll be reading the familiar John text with the Greek work "kosmos"(translated in English,  'world').  Try that out and see where it takes you."